Customer Made Orthotics

The answer to many of your health problems could be in your feet!

Often people have problems like flat feet that change the way they stand and walk. As your feet roll inwards it places increased strain on your ankles, knees, hips, and low back.  This in turn can produce pain and dysfunction in these areas.

As part of our comprehensive approach at Turramurra Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy, we scan our patients using the latest Gaitscan technology to identify any foot problems that may be contributing to your condition.  This scan is completely free of charge.

How Do I Know If I Have Foot Problems?

It’s not always possible to tell if you have foot problems just from symptoms alone, but if you have any of the following there’s a good chance you may have a problem.

  • Are your feet sore on a regular basis?
  • Do you spend a lot of time standing?
  • Does standing, walking and running make your joints sore?
  • Do you have visible foot problems such as flat feet, bunions, callouses or high arches?
  • Do your parents have problems with their feet?
  • Are you worried about your childrens feet and the way they walk?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you may have a problem.  Call 02 9144 1510 to book your FREE foot and Gaitscan analysis.

Orthotic Therapy

Sometimes foot problems can be treated with exercises, mobilisation and other physical therapies.  If that is appropriate, we’ll work out a program that is right for you.

But often people have issues that need specialised support, and that is where orthotics come in.  Orthotics look like insoles for your shoes, but are biomechanical medical devices that are specifically made to correct your unique foot imbalance.  In many ways they are like prescription glasses.  They help your body adapt and reduce pain causing stresses and strains.

The orthotics come in a range of styles and sizes from thicker sports orthotics to “standard” sizes through to lighter weight styles for women’s dress shoes.

Gaitscan Analysis

Turramurra Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy is equipped with the latest GAITSCAN computer assessment technology. This allows our therapists to prescribe individual, custom-made Orthotics that assist in treating and preventing many foot, lower limb and back problems.  The Gaitscan uses a specialised plate with thousands of sensors to measure the forces on your feet when both walking and standing.  The system then generates a detailed report with recommendations for your situation.

By booking in for your FREE foot and GAITSCAN analysis, you will be entitled to the following:

  • State-of-the-art foot scan technology
  • FREE advice from a Physiotherapist
  • FREE recommendations of how best to look after your feet

How to redeem your FREE Foot Assessment

You can book your FREE foot assessment by calling 02 9144 1510 where our friendly and helpful reception team will assist you in getting the most convenient time that suits you.
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