November 17, 2020 How Sports Physiotherapy Improves Performance

How Sports Physiotherapy Improves Performance


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How Sports Physiotherapy Improves Performance

Sports Physiotherapy

Dozens of sports are played around the world everyday. After all, it is a great way to keep fit, stay healthy and also have some fun. But did you know that this is an activity that could expose you to injuries, thereby hindering your performance and routine?

Whether you engage in low key sports or are a high performing athlete, you can be exposed to an increased risk of sports injury. The good news is that sports physiotherapy can introduce hands on treatment to prevent possible injuries in an upcoming game and help you maximise performance.

Understanding Sports Therapy

Sports therapy deals exclusively with injuries and the overall physical fitness of athletes. Sports physiotherapists balance nutrition, exercise science and physiological factors before adopting a treatment plan for each individual.

Some of the techniques include manual therapy, water based therapy, massage and soft tissue treatment, core stability training and muscle strengthening. The aim of this treatment is to restore mobility and functionality, manage or prevent pain and help athletes to remain or return to their peak in their sporting activities.

How Physiotherapy Helps

1. Injury Prevention

A physiotherapist does the following:

• Identifies any injuries that may have formed and failed to heal
• Develops a program based on the best training techniques for stretching and warming up
• Offers a biomechanical screening examination
• Prescribes an injury prevention and healing program
• Corrects muscle imbalances

2. Injury Management

A thorough assessment is done to establish an accurate diagnosis. This helps with designing a management and treatment program that is right for each case. The treatment can help with the following:

• The mobilisation and manipulation of joints
• Taping and strapping
• The development of a safe program while returning to training
• Identifying injuries that need further investigations from a different health provider

3. Sports Performance

If you are looking to boost your sporting performance, physiotherapy should be your go-to solution. This form of treatment assesses an individual to monitor performance and identify weak areas. The treatment can help you:

• Engage in exercise that boosts your efficiency in terms of movement
• Structure a gym or a home-based flexibility training routine
• Get a video analysis of your movements and overall activity
• With the introduction of core stability programs
• Identify patterns that could be hurting your performance through biochemical screening assessment

Why Consider Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a crucial element for professional athletes. First, it is excellent at offering immediate pain relief, depending on the nature of the injury. This could involve taping particular injured areas, dry needling or hot or cold packs to ease muscular tension. It is also good at preventing injuries.

A physiotherapist can identify and target inflammation which may have triggered the injury. They can then devise strength appropriate exercises to treat the injury and prevent its recurrence. What’s more, sports injury physiotherapy offers tailored treatment plans, working to develop an athlete’s performance while also strengthening joints, ligaments, muscles and bones.

Hands on treatment from a qualified physiotherapist can offer an athlete the peace of mind and relaxation needed during injury treatment. With their vast knowledge and experience in physical therapy, they can help individuals enjoy quick rates of recovery from sport injuries.

Note; the type of physio treatment you receive will be largely dependent on the severity of your injury.

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