November 16, 2021 cervicogenic headaches

How Physiotherapy Can Help Reduce Stress and Headaches

cervicogenic headachesHave you ever had trouble getting through your workday because of a headache? Headaches happen to more people around the world than you might think. A staggering 80% – 90% of people experience headaches at some point in their lives. And what’s worse is that most people don’t think there’s a solution and think that headaches are just an unfortunate part of life that we have to deal with.

Headaches often come from the neck and are known as cervicogenic headaches.  Physiotherapy can often be helpful in relieving stress and cervicogenic headaches. This science has been proven to increase the length of time between headaches and maybe even eventually end them entirely.

Now we’ve got you hooked, right? Keep reading to find out the benefits of physiotherapy and how it can help you enjoy a better quality of life.

What Is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy studies the science of movement and how that movement affects the human body. This means that it is often used in place of drugs and surgery, when possible, as a more holistic approach for treating headaches.

What Does Physiotherapy Treat?

Physiotherapy treats many ailments, such as stress headaches, cervicogenic headaches and muscle tension. Additionally, it can alleviate pain throughout the body after car accidents and other traumatic events.

What Does Physiotherapy Include?

Physiotherapy begins by pinpointing what is causing your headache.  This allows physiotherapists to create a unique treatment plan that works best for each patient’s needs. Often, physiotherapists find that a headache is triggered by many factors, including muscle tension, injuries, and poor posture.

Once a physiotherapist creates a treatment plan, they work with you to decrease the amount of tension that builds in the body and triggers headaches through some of these treatments.

Muscle Relaxation

Targeted massages relax tense muscles in the neck and scalp areas. This technique is for patients with muscle tension and stress headaches, also known as tension headaches. This is because tense muscles can put pressure on the skull, similar to a rubber band around a ball, creating a tension headache.

Dry needling can also be used to reduce muscle tension in suboccipital muscles.

Muscle Stretching and Strengthening

Learning how to stretch muscles in the neck and back area correctly is vital to reducing and possibly eliminating cervicogenic headaches. This is because many headaches come from the patient’s neck and back muscles being too tense, a common result of sitting at a desk for too long.

Strength training is often used for strengthening the neck and back muscles. Additionally, it teaches the patient what correct posture is, as poor posture can trigger more pain. Strength training can often be used for patients with headaches, as headaches often result from weak muscles and poor posture.

Strengthening muscles occurs through weekly exercises and holding certain positions for a specified duration of time. These positions can be different depending on the patient’s treatment plan.

Skeletal Manipulation

If a patient’s skeletal structure is not moving correctly, it can cause  headaches and pain throughout the body.  The physiotherapist will use manipulation techniques to improve movement in the spine.

Why Physiotherapy?

Unlike other specialised treatments, physiotherapy is a comprehensive practice catered to each patient’s unique needs. All treatment plans will be completely unique to the individual. Physiotherapists also do not just offer quick fixes; they train patients how to stretch and take care of their bodies at home.

When you choose physiotherapy, you’re investing in a lifelong treatment that not only eases headaches but also alleviates chronic pain that affects the muscles, bones, and joints throughout the entire body.

Consider Physiotherapy Today

Are you ready to take the first step towards ending your headaches? Our team of experienced physiotherapists are here to help you. We offer comprehensive physiotherapy services and completely customised treatments based on your body.

Our team of physiotherapists will learn more about your headaches and create a treatment plan that’s designed to target your symptoms through regular sessions.

Why live with your pain any longer? Get in touch with our clinic on (02) 9144 1510 to help start your journey towards being headache-free today.

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