February 28, 2022 Orthotics

How Orthotics Help Prevent Injuries and Pain From Running

Orthotics Would you rather give up your favorite sport due to fear of injury or get a preventative measure instead? Engaging in exercises and sports such as running is fun and refreshing. This is until you experience injuries, some of which can be life-altering. Instead of missing out, you can visit an expert such as a physiotherapist. They will either provide personalised physiotherapy sessions or prescribe orthotics for you. Orthotics are custom-made devices to ease basic movements for you. They can be a heel insert such as braces or special shoes specially designed to provide you with balance as you stand or engage in your activities. They help prevent injuries and knee pain by:

Correcting your abnormal mechanical features hence providing you with foot control

Recurrent injuries from running are often caused by an abnormality in your feet. Experts in medicine and biology established that gait analysis and configuration of the longitudinal arch can be conducted on such a person to provide a solution. This process involves analysing your dynamic posture, movement coordination, and foot alignment. The abnormalities that often cause such injuries to include:

Overly pronated feet

In this case, your heel’s outer edge hits the ground first, making your foot roll inwards as you move. Prescribing orthotic shoes or adjustments for such a runner should provide better foot control. The boots need extra medial support, a balanced heel counter, and a wide flare to prevent excessive motion in the joints that tend to cause injuries.

Cavus feet

Such a runner has rigid feet that are incapable of adequately absorbing the force when in contact with the ground. Shoes made of softer ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) work better and have a narrow flare.

Dissipating shock when running

Have you ever felt slight pain as your feet hit the ground during your run? This can lead to chronic pain, especially if you have arthritis. Adding custom-made orthotic enhancements to your shoes helps relieve the pressure applied to your feet during running through redistribution. Moreover, they are made from materials such as memory foam and comfort gel, which provide you with cushioning and support.

Managing injuries caused by running

Since these enhancements aid in facilitating your joint motion in the right direction, they help boost recovery. This helps to reduce the stress applied on joints or ligaments when running, especially if you had a previous injury. Moreover, they help alleviate pain in your back, ankle, and knees since they correct the underlying cause, such as high arches. Orthotics further help you recuperate from injury when designed to distribute the pain away from the affected area. For instance, if you hurt your ankle, the weight will be directed away from it, enabling you to run easier.

Final thoughts

Orthotics, unlike shoe inserts, are specially designed for your comfort and safety; based on the physiotherapist’s or podiatrist’s findings and recommendations. They only serve to facilitate a safer running experience. Hence, you need to take extra contributing preventive measures for effectiveness. In addition to using orthotics, it is advisable to do the following to prevent injuries from running and other sports:|

• Regularly engage in exercises that strengthen your core and leg muscles
• Warm up before your run
• Do some stretches before and after your run
• Increase your running distance gradually
• In case of a previous injury, always consult a doctor first
• Regularly hydrate and maintain a healthy diet
• Avoid lifting your knee or heel striking to prevent knee pain from running.

If you are considering taking up running and are not sure how it will impact your knees and feet, or would like to get measured for some orthotics, give us a call on 02 9144 1510 or book your appointment online today!

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