Headaches & Migraines

Headaches and Migraines are common problems and ones that we often see in our practice.  It is estimated that two million Australians suffer from severe headaches or migraines.  The good news is that most people can at least ease their headaches through physiotherapy treatment. Get help now for your headaches and migraines by calling 02 9144 1510 or by booking online here.

Tension Headaches

Tension Headache is often considered to be a milder form of headache, but for some people they can become quite excruciating!  It is often characterised by dull aching pain in the base of the skull, temples and above the eyes.

Tension Headache can be caused by tightness in the muscles of head, face and neck, and from the joints in the neck.  Many experts believe the causes overlap with cervicogenic headaches.  Another possible cause includes jaw (TMJ) problems.  Thankfully treatment is often very effective and involves working on the muscles and joints to improve their function with joint mobilisation and manipulation, and soft tissue therapies like massage, ultrasound and dry needling.


The classic migraine is when the suffer experiences flashing lights in their vision or other neurological symptoms that pass after 10-60 minutes (known as an aura).  Soon after they experience a moderate to severe headache.  However migraines can take several different forms ranging from just a severe headache with no aura, to aura like symptoms with no headache, to vertigo and dizziness.

Migraine is a complex problem with many different causes.  Some of the underlying triggers of migraine include:

  • Food sensitivities that trigger inflammation and fire the pain nerves in the head.
  • Problems in the brain where the signals coming in aren’t regulated properly and the brain becomes overloaded, triggering the headache.
  • Underlying balance problems.
  • Problems with pain regulation in the brain.
  • Pain triggers in the neck and head joints and muscles that “prime” the pain system making it easier to get a headache.

Many migraine sufferers have several of these causes going on at once.  It’s important to identify which ones are affecting you and then apply the correct treatment in your case.  We often work with your GP or specialist to manage your migraines from all the different angles.

Migraine treatment

Many of the treatments that work for tension headaches are also used in the treatment of migraine.  By improving the function in the muscles and joints through soft tissue therapies and joint mobilisation and manipulation, many people find relief.


The Turramurra Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy team have attended specialty courses and are experienced in treating headache and migraine conditions. Our therapists are achieving great results through manipulative and non-manipulative techniques of the cervical spine and are enhancing our patients’ day-to-day lives.

Feel confident that we can help you towards a better quality of life. Book Your FREE Headache Pre-Assessment by calling 02 9144 1510 or by booking online here.

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