November 9, 2017 Common Golfing Injuries and Prevention Strategies

Common Golfing Injuries and Prevention Strategies

Golf is a very difficult sport to play and requires an immense amount of skill. You have to perform the right movements in just the right way if you want a chance at hitting the perfect shot. There are a lot of muscles moving all at once when you’re hitting a golf shot, and with such a rapid motion, there is a chance that you could strain or pull a muscle, resulting in a trip to your local sports and spinal physio expert. To prevent this from happening, you need to warm up and prepare yourself for the game ahead so you don’t suffer from any unwanted injuries.

As we have the Australian Open coming up, interest in Golf will be peaking and people will be dusting off their clubs.  It is important to know what injuries you can suffer playing golf and how you can prevent them from happening. To help you with this, we have done some research and found the most common injuries that golfers are likely to experience and the ways in which you can prevent them from happening. If you’re interested to learn more, continue to read this article.

Hip Injuries

One of the more common injuries suffered playing golf are the hips. The hips, as many of you may know already, can withstand rapid motion and force. They are engineered with toughness in mind and it can be difficult to injure them. With golf, however, you can tear and pull the muscles around the hips if you’re not warmed up and stretching them out before you begin the course. You should try flexibility exercises and warm up the muscles so they’re ready before your swing.

Knee Pain

Although you may not know it, you can actually damage your knees when you’re playing golf. This is because the knees are put under strain when you swing and if you aren’t in-line and positioned properly you can suffer a strained ligament, which can be very painful. Always remember to stretch out and make sure you’re positioned properly for your swing. A proper stance will also help you when it comes to performance.

Rotator Cuff Issues

This is one of the most common injuries we see from golfers and is one of the main reasons they need sports and spinal physio. The rotator cuff can tear and rip if during a gold swing because of the pressure it is put under. However, the golf swing itself might not be the cause. Again, it is down to positioning and direction. In addition, if you hit something when you swing you’re likely to damage your rotator cuff, so watch out for rocks and tree roots.

Golfer’s Elbow

This is another common one and so much so that is has the name “Golfer’s elbow”. This is, of course, an injury that resides in the inner tendon of the elbow and is the result of a bad swing. If you are not swinging properly you risk straining this tendon so make sure that you have a good technique when you’re playing.


There are a range of injuries that you could suffer as a result of golfing. The sport requires a lot of muscles groups and that is why it is a great sport for exercising, as well as socializing. If you are to suffer an injury when you’re playing, it could result in you having to forfeit a round. With the Australian Open on the way, that is something you don’t need. If you want more advice about golfing injuries or require some treatment, call 9144-1510 now to schedule an appointment with one of our physiotherapists.

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