June 14, 2017 5 Great Fitness Tips for Men

5 Great Fitness Tips for Men

It’s Men’s Health Week in June. Keeping your fitness levels high is very important for a man and there are a lot of different ways you can do that. The majority of men will simply hit the gym either occasionally or multiple times throughout the week to stay fit and lose weight.

However, there is more to exercise and fitness than simply hitting the gym. You need to know the right methods to optimizing your health and getting the most out of your training and you need to hit all the key areas including routine, nutrition and recovery such as sports and spinal physio and stretching. This article will list 5 tips you can use to boost your fitness and get more from your workouts.

Mix Up your Workout

Performing the same routine day-in and day-out not only can get really boring and can de-motivate you but it is actually less beneficial for your body and muscles. A lot of professionals and sports and spinal physio experts suggest that you should be mixing up your routine because this forces the muscles to work and move in a different manner. In the industry this is known as muscle adaptation and it not only can benefit your fitness but can also help build muscle if that is your aim.

Keep your Diet Interesting

Nutrition is so important and any expert will tell you that you need to be fueling your body with the correct nutrients so that you can move and workout more fluidly. Without the proper nutrients your body will not be able to function properly during a workout and this can lead to fatigue and injury, leading to a trip to your doctor or to get some physio. Try different foods and mix up the diet so that it has more fruit and veg in it. Vitamins are important for both working out and your body in general so make sure you are eating a well balanced diet.

Try New Sports

This leads back to the point made earlier about boredom. You may find that you start to get bored of the gym and may want to try something new. Getting involved with new sports is a great way to stay fit and enjoy working out. Even something as simple as golf can help you get back into staying fit. With a work around the course and a golfing buddy by your side you can make it an enjoyable experience. There are a lot of different sports and you should find one that you enjoy. Get out and get active.

Read the Labels

When you are buying foods from your local supermarket or mall you should always check the nutritional information on the side of the packaging. The issue with the food in this day and age is that it is usually packed with sugar, fats and other preservatives to make it taste nicer. Try and avoid foods which are high in sugars and saturated fats. Unsaturated fats are okay and can actually help you and your fitness levels. These can be found in things like nuts and fish.

Get Physiotherapy to Recover and Repair

Every now and again you will suffer from an injury and depending on the severity of the injury you may be out of action for a long period of time. To speed up recovery and repair quicker, you should get sports and spinal physio to realign the bones. Physiotherapy is a great way to recover and it is not used as much as it should be by average individuals. With a short session you will feel a lot better and should be back in action a lot quicker than if you were to rest normally.

Your fitness should not be ignored and with the above tips you should be on your way to a fuller and more effective workout. If you feel you want to boost your fitness performance and recover quicker from injuries call 9144-1510 now to schedule an appointment with one of our physiotherapists.

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